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Wear a Killer Outfit book cover

A Must-Read Guide
Speaking Publicly

About the Book!

One of the most important life skills is speaking effectively, which few people enjoy and fewer do well. Wear A Killer Outfit will make you smile (and sometimes cringe) at the real-life experiences of public speaking. It’s chock-full of tips—from what to say, how to express it, and yes, what to wear. You’ll hear how public speaking opened doors for an aerospace engineer, C-suite executive, rock band archivist, and more. No matter what you do in life, Wear a Killer Outfit will prepare you to be heard.

Robin Stombler

Meet Robin

Whether participating in after-school speech and debate programs or coaching other students, author Robin Stombler found forensics a transformative experience. Today, Stombler uses her voice to advocate for a range of issues from clinical laboratory quality, food safety, and scientific advancements to health care improvements, and community revitalization.


Stombler is president and founder of Auburn Health Strategies, a strategic and business development firm serving health and science organizations for nearly twenty years. She serves as vice-chair of the board of directors of a national laboratory accreditation body, is a member of the board of discipline editors for a scientific journal, and has been appointed to numerous commissions and advisory panels. A veteran of Capitol Hill and state government, Stombler has published peer-reviewed and trade journal articles on a variety of health, science and business topics. Her astute and strategic insight is widely sought after by chief executives, academicians and policymakers.


Robin Stombler’s main regret in writing Wear a Killer Outfit is that people will expect her to dress well all the time. She says it’s worth the fuss if she encourages someone to use their voice effectively.

People Are Talking

"Participating in high school debate was transformative for me and my career. The personal accounts in Wear a Killer Outfit show how the power of the spoken word continues with generations to follow."


Chief Justice (ret.), South Carolina Supreme Court

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